1. What is LetmeCook?

        LetmeCook is a online food share app that allows people to share and  enjoy the taste of homemade. For more details, please see about us.

2. When is LetmeCook available?

        LetmeCook is available 24/7, whenever hosts are accepting orders.

3. How should I start using LetmeCook?

  • Download the LetmeCook app (Android, iOS) and create an account
  • Browse and discover the food host posted
  • Place your order

4. Is there any fees using LetmeCook?

        LetmeCook is a free App for both foodies and hosts.

5. About food safety

        LetmeCook requires all of our hosts to become licensed. If you want to apply to a food license please click (How to Become LetmeCook Host)